Application of automatic sliding door

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Automatic sliding glass doors are a convenient and safe way to enter both residential and commercial spaces. If you are looking to add an درب اتوماتیک کشویی to the entrance of the building but don't want the hassle of dealing with motorized glass pieces, or perhaps you have a large space that would require opening a hinged door will only create more of a traffic jam when people try to enter or exit, you need to consider this type of sliding door design.


It has been known to many that electric doors are a good solution to implement in a public space. It is a much better alternative than its counterparts, the manual or roll up doors for the following reasons:


When choosing an  درب اتوماتیک for your business, you might be overwhelmed by the available options. That's why we've created this guide so that you can have all the information you need to succeed in making the right choice.


An automatic sliding glass door can be one of the most elegant additions to your home or business. Because we're just talking about entrances, you'll only need one. Since you do want them for both doors, you'll want to carefully plan where you want them installed, so that when the day comes that you get both doors, they will line up right on each other.



If you need doors to open and close automatically, an automatic sliding glass door is just the right choice. Such doors are generally very elegant, with a light metal frame that comes in a white, powder-coated finish. Nowadays, there are different versions of this kind of door available on the market – some of them have a motor installed within the frame, while others have one remote control panel and no actual motor inside. A lot of people choose automatic sliding doors because they look modern and give their rooms a touch of chic design. But they are also practical – such doors really do save space, especially if you are tight on it and you want to conserve it.


Advantages of automatic sliding glass doors


One of the most important functions of automatic doors is not just about ease of commuting, but also about using less energy to operate.


  • I believe you are familiar with automatic sliding doors, which often appear in airport, supermarket and even school. Automatic sliding doors can not only save a lot of space, but also improve the whole interior decoration. As is known to all, automatic sliding door is good for people. There are two main types of sliding doors that are widely applied: One is manually operated such as door hanging at supermarket; another is automatically operated such as door system in airport or railway station. The most important application of the second type is ease of commuting and reducing energy consumption.



  • Automatic sliding door is now an indispensable part of the facades especially in mass housing estates and apartments.  The reason is that, this door requires little maintenance, has huge energy saving, and provides space saving with the new generation design.  Nowadays, there are many types of automatic doors with different structure and function.


Where did automatic sliding doors originate from? Who first had the idea to invent automatic sliding doors? Why do we need it? These are the questions that will be answered in this post.


The idea of automatic sliding doors is not just new but it is exciting, as well. I love the fact that we can walk without touching the door; so you can imagine how excited I am about it. Another great thing about automatic sliding doors is that it allows us to save energy, especially when there are offices in the buildings.


  • Perhaps you have never been in a residential area with automatic sliding doors before. If yes, the next time you get there and when you find out what it is, then you will feel that those doors are very magical, because they are so simple but also convenient and practical. And they may satisfy your needs in various ways.

Parallel sliding doors are designed on the basis of the classic model, with changes in the segment's direction of movement and the possibility of automatic opening. In addition to their ease of operation, communication, high level of security and other trends make them increasingly popular.


  • The sliding door is a kind of automatic door, in addition to the sliding door, the most important feature is to provide customers with convenience. The sliding door has the following unique features: 1, the speed of sliding door is fast, because it is controlled by the computer.


  • Sliding doors are an authentic solution in the houses. It is not complicated and technical while installing, it is easily adjustable to any condition of your house and home. The technology of sliding doors has been improved in a very effective way, and it has progressed in such a manner that we can now easily install a sliding door at our home or can order one from the various online portals. In this way, since the benefits of sliding doors are so many, so we must use it at home for a good living experience.


Also, sliding doors are easily movable, so they can be closed or opened in a very short time. So if suddenly you think that you need to turn off the lights on the balcony and go home, you do not have to spend your valuable time in a queue in front of the elevator.

We now offer you a wide range of sliding glass door. Sliding doors have a beautiful and modern appearance and create a beautiful appearance in the building. Among other features of the automatic sliding glass door, we can mention its high security.


As we know, automatic sliding doors have a beautiful and modern appearance, which makes them an attractive appearance on the building in which the product is installed. Moreover, automatic sliding doors have high security.


Glass sliding doors have become an indispensable attribute in modern architecture and interior design. Among the other features of these doors, this can be mentioned that it takes up little space. These doors have a beautiful and modern appearance and create a beautiful appearance in the building


Among the other features of the automatic sliding door, we can mention its high security level. This type of door is specially-made for places where theft and breaking in are always a problem. The security that this door gives is much more than what a normal door could offer, it provides superior safety and protection to the place or house where it is installed.


Today we will talk only about the application of automatic sliding doors that have a lot of different variants and allow you to choose one based on the price, performance, design and other important aspects.


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