Home Renovation Advertising - Online vs Traditional

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Owning a home renovation company is a lucrative business, yet it comes with many serious responsibilities. Because construction is a flourishing industry, it is crucial for contractors to stay competitive. As an entrepreneur, you must equip your business with the best strategies to advertise your business and get the biggest bang for your investment.

There are two types of strategies many business owners need to consider when advertising their business: traditional and online. However, many find themselves struggling with which strategy to use, especially with a limited budget to work with.

Importance of Advertising

Advertising is a crucial tool that helps promote your business by creating awareness in the mind’s eye of your target customers. While it informs potential clients about your products and services, the main purpose of advertising is to sell. Our team of experts provides SEO Guelph, Toronto for businesses, and other parts of Canada to guide them to the top of the search engine ranking.

Whether your company is focused on residential or commercial renovation services, here’s how advertising benefits your business:

  • It generates loyalty by targeting and forming a lasting connection with your target customers by instilling a sense of trust and familiarity. 
  • It boosts company traffic by enticing target clients to visit your website after viewing your advertisement. 
  • It builds a positive image of your company by showing your customers how your services can give their homes a new and better look.
  • With the construction market constantly changing, advertising helps increase your reach to attract new customers to your business. 
  • A strong and positive advertisement does not only attract prospects but also successfully turn them into paying customers, thus increasing your sales and profit. 

Traditional Advertising

Before the advent of the Internet and mobile phones, there is traditional advertising. This type of advertising is characterized by the use of mass media (or paid media) that sends your business messages to your target mass audience. With traditional advertising, business owners are eager to tell consumers what they want to hear about how revolutionary their products and/or services are. It gets your message to your potential clients using television, radio, print media, and outdoor billboards. It uses persuasive communication tactics to influence customer behaviour to drive sales of products and services. Prospects can hold physical advertisement, prospects can hold print ads (e.g. newspaper, magazines, flyers and brochures), or see or hear your products and/or services on television or radio.

Advantages of using traditional advertising

Home renovation contractors rely on traditional advertising for several good reasons. Using the right type of advertisement medium can yield great results, including:

  • It is personal - Traditional advertising allows contractors to engage and interact with their clients on a more personal level. A potential home renovation clients prefer human interaction, especially when it involves a huge amount of investment. 

  • New Audiences - Traditional mass media mediums (e.g. television, radio, and billboards) have the ability to reach more potential clients across a vast geographical area and different demographics. These mediums help a wide circulation of brand exposure by getting new audiences to notice your products and/or services. 

  • Tangibility - Receiving physical copies of printed materials allows prospects to look through them at their own leisure. Distributing business cards can effectively remind people about your business. Customers can keep them in their wallets at all times for convenience. 

Disadvantages of Traditional Advertising

With the rise of modern consumer technology, there are many ways a home renovation contractor can promote with their prospective clients, adding more advertising choices to their marketing mix. While traditional advertising has worked well for different businesses over the years, it has its own share of limitations.

  • Price - Enticing prospects using traditional media can be more expensive than modern forms of advertising. Take, for example, a  television advertisement does not only cost you purchasing TV spots, but also the development of your commercial. New contractors may need to buy many TB spots, which requires you to invest in thousands of dollars before producing tangible results. 
  • Lack of Timeliness - One of the major disadvantages of relying on traditional advertising is that you would not be able to respond quickly to the changes in the market. Running a magazine ad requires you to create your brand message weeks or even months in advance. The same goes for newspaper ads, which requires several days of lead time.

  • Harder to Target Audience - Modern digital technology allows contractors to collect personal data about your target audience and target them in a more accurate way. Using print and broadcast outlets come with media kits that show audience demographics, but once the copies of print or broadcast ads are distributed, contractors may lose track on who actually read or viewed the ad. 

  • Limited Information - Unlike online advertising where your target audience can visit your website and get more information about your services, the message delivered with traditional advertising is limited. To communicate effectively with prospective clients, you will need to purchase a few square inches of space in newspapers or magazines or a few seconds on TV or radio. 

Online Advertising

Online advertising (a.k.a Internet or digital advertising) is a marketing strategy that uses the Internet as a medium to deliver your marketing message and obtain website traffic. Since the advent of digital technology, online advertising has an exponential increase in growth, which benefited small businesses when it comes to promoting your business. It employs unique and useful applications that are geared towards defining different markets. 

There are a lot of online channels or platforms where you can advertise your business that is why it is important to carefully evaluate all your options are efficient and cost-effective. 

Here are several online advertising strategies to choose from, as well as their cost and benefits: 

  • Invest in a website - Investing in a well-designed website is crucial for your business. Consider it as your home online where prospects can visit, look for information, and view your home renovation portfolio. Since your online advertising campaign should help you drive website traffic, getting a good first impression is critical. Additionally, the design of your website can make or break the success of your campaign. A professional-looking website effectively attracts and keeps the user’s attention, encourage conversion, and build trust. 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Although a website is a great marketing tool, it will only work when your target customers find you. The most effective way to make it happen is with SEO. It increases your online visibility by helping it rank well in major search engines for searches related to home renovation services by using relevant target keywords. Choose keywords commonly used by your target customers to attract them to your website. Creating and publishing fresh, relevant content around the keyword increases the ranking of your website. This helps improve your exposure, website traffic, and conversion rate. 

  • Social Media Marketing - Social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) provide great opportunities to advertise and connect with your prospects. Millions of people today have social media accounts. Social media is also a good place to run an advertisement and tell people more about your business. It also allows you to focus on your audience based on the standard demographic data (e.g. age, gender, and location), which helps maximize results

  • Content Marketing - Contractors can indirectly advertise their home renovation services by providing clients with helpful, informative content. Content can be in the form of blogs, infographics, videos, and other materials with online formats. Content marketing allows you to interact with your readers. Sharing helpful and interesting information makes them more likely to trust your brand. Contractors can also use content marketing to establish authority in the industry and build your reputation online. 

Online advertising for renovation company businesses has helped many contractors in Toronto and nearby areas. Other businesses related to home improvements, like A Alert Drain Ltd. and Centron Self Storage (https://www.centronstorage.com), can also benefit from our offers. 

When you are competing with other local contractors, it can be challenging to get your leg up with traditional advertising, especially with limited funds. Working with a professional, reliable SEO company can help you choose the right strategies to promote your business. With a well-structured online advertising campaign, you can confidently compete with the big guys.

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