Quiz: Epistemology, Pedagogy, Assessment

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This quiz was written to provoke some thinking around week 6 of the course - epistemology, pedagogy, assessment and learning analytics.  It can be taken as many times as you like, and (at least some) may questions have answers which are open to discussion or interpretation - share your thoughts on the forums, or use them to prompt research and sharing on the evidence hub.


If you're not sure about any of the content of this quiz, don't worry - have a look at the readings on the course page https://learn.canvas.net/courses/33/wiki/week-6-epistemology-and-pedagogy post on the discussion forum https://learn.canvas.net/courses/33/discussion_topics/578/ or get in touch on twitter on the #lak13 tag. And bear in mind, there may not be a hard and fast answer so don't worry about trying to achieve the 'correct' response - if you're thinking about the issues and you can apply them, that's what we care about.

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