W1.1 Activity: Map a Social Network

  • Due Mar 3, 2013 at 11:59pm
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Create Maps of YOUR Social Networks

You have three choices for this activity. Do at least one of these.

You can map your Facebook network using Wolfram Alpha.  Read more on the Wolfram Alpha Blog.

  • Go to Wolfram Alpha in a new tab.
  • Type the words "Facebook Report" into the Wolfram Alpha search field and execute the search.
  • Allow Wolfram Alpha to access your Facebook data. 

You can map your LinkedIn network by going to LinkedIn Labs and logging in to LinkedIn.

Create a network map for an in-person community that you belong to (not your family). This might be a club, a religious organization, a sports group, or something similar. Use the concept of nodes and edges to map the relationships between the community members.

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