How to Bet on Tennis

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Tennis isn't as popular as basketball, but it's still a popular sport. And highly popular with sports bettors worldwide. The reason for this is that the tennis calendar has started and some games had played regularly. On the other hand, the ATP and WTA Tours move worldwide, and the match had played at different times. Another advantage of betting on Tennis is that the sport's regulatory organizations have made a lot of data and stats available to the general public. 

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Betting Types and How to use it to bet on Tennis

The most common tennis betting option is placing a bet on the Moneyline, the game or set spread, or the over/under.


This Betting Types for Tennis, so-called Moneyline, is the most common way to gamble on Tennis, just like baseball and hockey. It's an excellent way of saying that you're betting on a player to win the game. Also, if you only want to bet on the winner of the first set, you can do so in Tennis, just like you can bet on the first five innings in baseball or the first period in hockey.

Game Spread

A wager on the game or set spread is another option to bet on Tennis. Tennis matches frequently feature considerable odds because single-player sports have less unpredictability than team sports. Therefore the spread helps to level the playing field.

Set Spread

This wager has put up the same way as a game spread bet. The main difference is that you're wagering on sets rather than matches.


It is a bet on how many games had played in a match. For example, in a three-set match between Radu Albot and Fabio Fognini, the Over/Under will be 22.5 games. If you bet the over because you think the game will be tight, the game must last at least 23 games. However, if Albot wins (7-6, 6-4), the match will have lasted 23 games, and you will have won your wager. And if the game ends (6-3, 7-6), you will lose the bet because the game only lasted 22 games.

Other possibilities, in addition to the three most common types of tennis bets, are available based on your area and the sportsbook you choose.


Tennis events, like other sports, have their own futures market. They function in the same way as March Madness futures do. You may also bet on futures for each quarter for the four majors. 

For example, if you put -200 on Simona Halep to win her quarterfinal at the French Open, she only needs to reach the semifinals to win your wager.

Live Betting

Live Betting in Tennis is one of the world's most popular live betting markets. Since the odds might shift, you should prepare before it's too late. Moreover, you can bet on who will win the next game. It's a great sport to trade because of all the possible changes, but only for the most expert bettors.


Some sportsbooks offer more unusual tennis props, such as bets on the precise score or whether a tiebreak gets used. These are high-stakes bets typically only accessible at significant events and specific bookies.

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