Will biofuels make my lunch cost more?

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Biofuels are already being made from all types of sources, from palm oil to sugarcane to switchgrass. Growing our own energy is certainly an appealing proposition. But, how much can we really expect to produce this way? How can we produce biofuels without impacting food crops (see tortilla riots)? In this module you will evaluate the potential contributions of biofuels to our energy mix.

“The US imposes a .54 $/gal tax on sugarcane ethanol and a .0125 $/gal tax on gas.” Tom Friedman in Hot, Flat and Crowded
Reading & Videos

Read the International Energy Agency's overview of Biofuels and the overview of their roadmap for Biofuels for transport.

Watch these videos:

Biofuels in Brazil

Bilal Bomani on Cutting Edge Biofuels

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