Why can a "green" appearance mean wasted transportation energy?

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When a drunk baseball fan smashed into the bumper on my old car, I bought a hybrid Prius to replace it. Sure, getting better "miles-per-gallon" helps a little, but not as much as reducing "miles." Saving energy in transportation does include advances in automobiles and other modes of transportation. The biggest savings potential, however, is at the community, city, and regional scale. In this module you will observe and analyze strategies to save energy in transportation and planning.

"Transit, in order to be good for the environment and to reduce overall energy consumption, must be used to concentrate people in dense urban cores, rather than merely encouraging them to live farther from their jobs and other daily destinations."

"Environmentalists tend to focus on defending the places where people aren’t rather than on intelligently organizing the places where people are." - David Owen in "The Green Metropolis"


Reading and Video

Read  Sustainable Energy: Without the Hot Air, by David MacKay Chapters 3, 5, & 20

Watch the following videos:

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