Briefly About Medallions, Dog Tags, and Men’s Pendants

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The ancient tradition of wearing pendants is millennia old. Those were men who first started decorating themselves. Of course, modern pendants have a different appearance and meaning in comparison with the first specimens. Cavemen rocked primitive pendants made of bones and fangs of dead predators to show off their strength and the role in a tribe. At the same time, those body ornaments were supposed to protect from evil spirits. For this reason, men wore charms on the neck, arms, legs, waist, and so on because there can’t be too much protection.


Modern men are not that superstitious anymore. That’s why a single pendant is more than enough. Some of these accessories are endowed with a power of talismans (if, of course, a guy believes in such powers), some carry a sentimental meaning of a keepsake but the vast majority of pendants have exclusively decorative significance.


Like other men's jewelry items, earrings, rings, chains, etc., pendants tend to be on the less ornate side. They feature stricter lines, geometric shapes, solid weight, massive size, and, of course, certain thematic.


Types and Motifs of Men’s Pendants


Men's pendants tend to accurately reflect the worldview of their owner while emphasizing his masculinity and personality traits. Perhaps, this is the reason why we see so many pendants shaped like a knife, animal claw, blade, sword, bullet, and lion's face. All of them are power accessories transmitting the messages of machismo and strength. At the same time, there are also “non-violent” jewelry themes that speak of his maturity and preferences rather than his ambitions.


The most common theme in pendants is… surprise!...a cross. Even the most conservative persons who don’t tolerate "embellishments" incline to this ancient symbol. Traditional options include Catholic and Orthodox crosses, as well as a variety of ‘regional’ renderings of a cross (Jerusalem, Egyptian, Greek, Celtic, etc.). Some crosses are complemented with icons, which in turn may carry the words of prayer on the back. You can wear such pendants on a chain of the corresponding metal or a leather cord.


One of the coolest models is transformer pendants. As their name suggests, they are able to change their shape. For example, they can turn from a discreet rectangle ornament into a heart. If you pick a pendant resembling a cube comprised of a few panels with letters, you can make words by turning the edges around the axis. It is a cool way to express your motto, mood, or any message you like.


Just like their distant predecessors, modern men adore talisman pendants. A talisman is either an ornament with a meaningful phrase or image. If earlier a talisman served to protect its owner in every possible way from evil forces and hardship, now this concept is interpreted more broadly. A phrase that inspires or, vice versa, calms and loosens up, your own initials or the name of a dear person, an image or an icon, anything can fulfill the function of a talisman. The most important thing is that it touches the strings of your soul or cause fond memories.


A few centuries ago, dog tags were exclusively a military thing. Today, those who serve in the army still wear metal tokens with brief information about their owner. Along with that, civil men started flaunting dog tags just for fun. As fashion jewelry, such pendants slightly vary in shape and size, they may or may not contain engraving or additional decor. More often than not, dog tags are smooth so that you can customize them with any engraving your heart desires. The reason why this design is so popular is that it is associated with the military, and those tend to be strong and masculine. Thus, a dog tag is supposed to transmit these qualities onto its wearer.


Daredevils who appreciate original and outrageous pendants pick those carrying various symbols such as a motorcycle, lighter, handcuffs, dice, skull, and others. Normally, themed jewelry is a highlight of subculture followers including bikers, Goths, punks, etc. For them, jewelry is a nice way to show off their belonging to a particular group. If you’re not into any subcultures, you can don such jewelry just to add a bold eye-catching detail to your look.


Men’s Medallions - Double Bottom Pendants


Men’s medallions are slightly less popular than pendants because they have been originally attributed to ladies. Nevertheless, today medallions became accessible for the sterner sex, too. Many associate them with refined and, somewhat, aristocratic individuals. If you want to convey a sense of sophistication, a medallion will hit the spot. They will also suit those guys who always put some meaning in their jewelry. Men’s medallions open like a book or clam to showcase a photograph, note, engraving, symbol, or any other small item. As for shapes, besides traditional ovals and circles, you can pick a medallion resembling a book, box, chest, etc.


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