The services that a digital marketing agency can offer

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Defining needs is the most important step in setting up your digital marketing strategy. Do not hesitate to linger to define priorities. An external agency can assist you in this process. She will be able to give you the right techniques and see your weaknesses.

Generate leads 

In the B2B sector, the purchasing process is more complex and above all longer. This is why your objective is often the generation of leads (creation of a contact sheet), the generation of leads. It's like collecting information about a potential customer. This information will allow the company to get in touch with him and offer him the most personalized offer possible.

To generate potential customers, we must, therefore, succeed in obtaining information concerning them which will allow us to contact them subsequently. Most of the time, this involves creating a landing page with content made available to the customer (brochure, white paper, etc.) available in exchange for an e-mail address, for example.

We can also generate it via other tools of our content strategy: blogs, newsletters, social networks, SEO / SEM but remember that the goal of this step is to obtain information on the visitor: a phone or one more e-mail address.

The implementation of conversion tools is, therefore, a very important element of the marketing strategy and this also involves quality in the content offered, but also in the form (video, photos, computer graphics, white paper, blog article).

Your content must be appropriate to your target and send them the right message at the right time. Hence, the interest in developing personas buyer as seen above. But what to do with all this information? 
You will have to if it is not already done a pass on a data management system also called CRM. This tool can be set up by your SEO services provider; it will allow you to create a database by collecting information. This will prove particularly useful in the development of an e-mailing campaign among others.

Marketing automation has become a new solution that facilitates and optimizes contact tracking. Algorithms exist and make it possible to determine when is the most suitable time to automatically send a personalized email to a prospect. Major advances that reduce the time spent manually on different platforms. A specialized agency will allow you to manage the marketing processes related to your website and your social networks. This marketing is based on the behaviour of Internet users to send them targeted messages. 

How to set up lead nurturing?                              

Closely linked to lead generation, lead nurturing involves feeding potential customers relevant information. The goal is to maintain their curiosity and their desire for a brand to the point of pushing them to the act of purchasing once it has reached maturity. It is thanks to marketing automation that it is possible to significantly increase the conversion of a prospect into a customer. An inbound agency can allow you to set up this automated digital strategy.  

Implementation of a natural SEO / SEA strategy

At the heart of an inbound strategy, natural referencing holds a very important place in it. Google, Bing or even Yahoo, the majority of Internet traffic comes from these search engines. Setting up a paid SEO campaign via Google Adwords can be very expensive and requires many skills. However, a web marketing agency can help you run profitable campaigns and choose the right keywords.

Another alternative exists, interesting from an economic point of view but long to set up: natural referencing. It is based on SEO optimization on the website. A content strategy work must then be put in place. But again, it is easy to make mistakes and quickly get discouraged; a digital marketing agency can help you. From a marketing point of view, the most relevant is to conduct both SEA campaigns but also SEO optimization with dedicated tools such as content creation. 

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