Virtual backgrounds on Skype's Mac application are copied from Zoom

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During this COVID-19 pandemic situation, work from home becomes popular across all the businesses around the globe. This new world of remote working, is made possible by virtual meeting platforms that come into picture after this pandemic. Though various platforms are available nowadays, the Zoom is the leading platform in this new world. The most popular feature that differentiates Zoom from others, is the ability to set custom virtual backgrounds. The Zoom's custom virtual backgrounds play a significant role for the people who would like to be little creative.

The main purpose of Zoom virtual backgrounds is to cover-up all the messy things and distractions surround you while working remotely. Secondly, is to eliminate the distraction while attending any official and professional meeting. One can use these Zoom backgrounds as per their convenience. When dealing with vendors, contractors, or suppliers, you can opt for professional backgrounds. The same can be replaced by office backgrounds while conferencing with your boss or reporting manager.

Skype is replicating the same "custom virtual background" feature available in Zoom. By enabling this feature, custom-designed professional backgrounds or office backgrounds will swap all the messy things around you during video conferencing.


Are you wondering and having a desire to enjoy the feel of working from a beach or space?

It is possible now, with Zoom virtual backgrounds during video calls while working from home.

Now, it seems like Microsoft is adding the same features to Skype's Mac application.  One drawback is that this feature is capable of adding images only. Whereas, customized video can be uploaded in Zoom virtual background platform and can be used as an office background or professional background during a video call.

The customization feature of virtual backgrounds has made Zoom such a popular solution for video calls recently. Skype is now adding custom backgrounds after implementing similar Zoom-like features.

Microsoft quietly progressing in the same direction and rolling out new updates to Skype that enables support for customization of virtual backgrounds on Mac. At present, Skype and Teams both supported the blurring of surroundings during video call. Subsequently, from a technical perspective, custom virtual backgrounds feature can easily be added to Skype and Teams without putting much effort.

It is identified by Microsoft that Landscape images work best and those images must be saved locally on your Mac.

The steps to customize your Skype background while in a video call, are as follow:

  • While on a video call, click the more menu.
  • From there click on Choose background effect.
  • By click on that you can blur your surroundings, can choose the previously saved images otherwise can add a new image to customize the effect of your background.
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