How to enhance Distance Learning using Zoom

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The need for virtual meetings is very necessary to enhance distance learning and help you to get in touch with your students. There are many distance learning tools. You can use Zoom for distance learning as it is free and very convenient to use.

Here we discuss some tips to improve the distance learning and enhance the online learning session using Zoom:

  • Prepare lesson plan with template

Before starting any session, data science training in Hyderabad it is important to explain what you will be taught, how you will teach the lesson, how to get to know the understanding level of students. You can use templates to guide the development of the distance learning session. You can prepare flipbook with the help of FlipHTML5 that gradually change pages. The Flipbook contains audio, video, pictures to make learning more effective. There is no need to make a formal lesson plan. The main motive of the lesson plan is to organize your thoughts, resources, and expectations.

  • Change Zoom meeting setting as per need

You need to set up some rules and regulations to make sure that students are doing their tasks properly. You should log in to your Zoom account and open settings and consider these two points:

  • Do you want that students should appear in the video or not
  • Muting the new participants on entry

You can do a lot of things like using a whiteboard, create breakout rooms, and present Flipbook in Zoom by sharing screen. You can add a survey at the end of the meeting to access the understanding of the students.

  • Share your screen

You can share your screen to present your lesson perfectly. If you share a screen, all students follow your presentation with dedication. You can present Flipbook in ZoomLinks to an external site. that you created through FlipHTML5 with screen sharing. It helps you to teach easily what you want to convey to your students. There is a green button that allows screen share in Zoom.

  • Clarify the communication options

There may be many students who use distance learning for the first time. You should include slides to explain how they can interact with you and other students during the online class. You need to explain how to behave when they participate in the online learning session.

  • Create interaction and wait time during session

If learners only listening to your lesson, they will get bored easily and lose interest in the session. You need to ensure the engagement of the students. You may use the idea of chat, poll questions, etc. Flipbook also helps you to attract the attention of the students.

  • Explain the objective and present content

After creating a lesson plan and creating the communication options, you are ready to present your lesson. You need to analyze the objective that you need to cover during your online session and then present your content. If you are sharing your screen you can use distance teaching tools to teach like PowerPoint. You can create Flipbook through FlipHtml5 to make an impressive lesson.

There are a million and one tools you can use, but the tip here is to keep it simple. Use what you know and what you are comfortable with. Remember, you can provide learners with a recording of this session so they can go back and watch it as many times as needed.


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