MOOC MOOC Jan 2013

MOOC MOOC Jan 2013
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Welcome to Hybrid Pedagogy's MOOC MOOC!

Hybrid Pedagogy's MOOC MOOC ran from August 12 - 18, 2012 w/ over 600 registrants and approximately 3000 unofficial participants. The course ran again from January 6 - 12, 2013, this time w/ over 1000 registrants. Check for info. While discussion forums on this site are now closed, course materials are still available. Feel free to explore. Click on the days below, each of which is designed to function as its own self-contained experience. Click the "Dashboard" icon wherever you see it for the various feeds set to track tweets with the #moocmooc tag and MOOC MOOC-related blog posts written during and after the MOOC. The #moocmooc tag is still active in the wake of the event, so feel free to tweet thoughts, questions, responses, etc. For info. on upcoming events and twitter chats, follow @HybridPed.


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In this week-long experimental online course, we'll be investigating exactly what it means to participate in, create, and even envision a MOOC (massive open online course). We'll be thinking about the nature of digital learning and where it's leading us. We'll be questioning what a MOOC is, how useful this educational format can be, and the new and innovative opportunities toward which it points.

But first...


Interaction is key! If you haven't already registered for the course, click on the button in the top right corner to join. If you prefer, you can browse and lurk in the course, and join our discussions on Twitter even without registering.

Once you register, you'll have the option to receive e-mails, text messages, even tweets as MOOC MOOC develops and changes throughout the week. Click your name in the upper right to edit your profile and notification preferences. You can add a picture by clicking on the blank avatar in the settings menu. You can register services like Twitter and Facebook via the Settings menu, and you can add social media links to your profile. Here's an example.


Introduce yourself! Jump into this discussion to tell us a little about yourself, your interest in MOOCs, and where we can find you on the web. Once you've posted, other people in the course will be able to click on your name to view your profile and contact you within the course or via the social media tools you've linked to. There will be a lot of folks in this course, so try not to fret over the sheer volume of discussions, tweets, and blog posts. None of us will be able to follow everything. The key is forming communities within the larger group by joining discussions that interest you, following new friends on Twitter, and commenting on fellow participants blog posts.


Find us on the web! Set your TweetDeck or HootSuite to follow #moocmooc all week long. Be sure to tag your blog posts and hashtag your tweets with #moocmooc whenever you find yourself ruminating on the course. Additionally, each of our exercises will carry a second hashtag; so when you post examples of your work, be sure to use those hashtags (e.g., #video, #gdoc, #mymooc, #storify, etc.) Use this form to submit the RSS feed for your blog to help us curate your content. We'll be sharing that content via Dashboard, a link to which you'll find on almost every page of the course.

Also, if you haven't already, you might want to follow @MOOCMOOC, @HybridPed, @slamteacher, and @Jessifer. If you don't have a Twitter account -- or you're just getting started with Twitter -- you can still follow along! We've created Dashboard so that you can keep track of MOOC MOOC on the web. Visit anytime, day or night, to find out who's saying -- and learning and teaching -- what.

Thanks for joining us! We look forward to meeting you, learning from you, and discovering alongside you in the days to come!

Photo Credits: Kevin Dooley (Sunday & Saturday), Nomadic Lass (Dashboard)

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